The Spring Pickleball Season is Canceled
Winter Indoor Pickleball

2020 Winter Season
NYC Indoor Pickleball League


The League begins March 23rd, 2020 and Welcomes Teams and Individuals. Rating Scrimmages are the week of March. 16th.

A team may have as many as 8 players on its roster. Each match your team plays 3 games on two side by side courts (total of 6 games). To insure that there are no defaults your roster must have at least 5 players. 6 is probably the ideal amount to provide everyone with enough playing time.

Game nights vary Mon – Thurs. Scheduling problems? Prefer one night or time and dislike another? Let us know at the start of the season. We’ll work with you.

$900 per team includes 1 Rating Scrimmage, 8 Regular Season Matches, Divisional Playoffs.

Space is limited. Sign Up Your Team Online today or Download a roster to fax or mail in. Need a team?  We can help put you on one.

The Winter Season.

This season we are expecting 3 Divisions. (A, B & C).

All Teams have a Rating Scrimmage the week of Jan. 13th, and will be placed accordingly.

All Matches will be played in Manhattan Gyms
below 79th st. and above Houston.



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